Fathom Blue – Brave Anything (The Nemesis Remix)

August 19th, 2011

I said I was going to post this last week, but I’m just getting around to it now… I have a lot more to say about this one than the other. I think this is one of my favorite remixes I’ve ever done, and I was pretty surprised it didn’t win.

Fathom Blue – Brave Anything (The Nemesis Remix) by the_nemesis

I knew from the beginning I wanted to do something a little darker with this. I was originally picturing the vocals being low in the mix and distorted, and the music being pretty much 100% drums. Ironically, there are very little drums in my final version. I pitch shifted the vocals down about three notes, then autotuned them to make them sound even more alien. I think during the intro you can’t even tell it’s a vocal track. I really like how the new sound of the vocals matches the agony of the lyrics.

One problem I have with a lot of my electronic stuff is that the loops will be pretty short, usually one or two bars. For this song, I decided to hold notes a lot longer (usually at least one bar, with one drone holding a single note for eight bars) and patterns lasting for four, eight, even sixteen bars.

I think the winning remix (which you can hear here) went for a similar feel as mine, mostly vocal driven with minimal drums.

Christ Addams – New School Riot Ish (The Nemesis Remix)

August 9th, 2011

There were recently two remix contests on thepaintedman.com, and this is the one I won. I’ll post the other one in a few days. I don’t really have anything to say about the remix that you won’t hear by listening to it.

Christ Addams – New School Riot Ish (The Nemesis Remix) by the nemesis 2

tow knee chavez – your favorite band

July 5th, 2011

My band tow knee chavez released our new album a couple months ago. We started writing it about four years ago, and I think the extra time really paid off. It’s easily the best album I’ve been a part of to date.

Pigeon John – The Bomb (The Nemesis Remix)

May 2nd, 2011

Towards the end of my “song a week” project I did a cover of The Bomb by Pigeon John. Now he’s having a remix contest for that very song. Here’s mine:

Pigeon John – The Bomb (The Nemesis Remix) by thenemesis

A Song a Week 52: The Nemesis – 2010 Mega Mashup

January 28th, 2011

Here we are, January 28, considered by many to be the official end of 2010. I recently went back and re-uploaded all the songs that had been hosted on Virb, so you can now listen to every song from 2010. If you don’t have time for that, here they are all playing at once.

The Nemesis – 2010 Mega Mashup by thenemesis

I knew I needed to do something special for my last 2010 song, like how the first song introduced the project. When I heard that someone did a mashup of all of Billy Joel’s greatest hits playing at once, I knew I had to try it with all my 2010 songs. There was such an amazing mess created by 18 songs playing at the same time, I had to know what 51 would sound like. I half expected it to just be a solid tone, with each song filling in the empty space at various points. It’s not quite that… it sounds more like static at the beginning. Since I have so many short songs, you can notice as songs drop off and the remaining songs get clearer and clearer, until it’s just The Hitmaker Algorithm – Sad Song Redux for the last 45 seconds. I considered fading it out after a few seconds of only one song playing, but decided that would be cheating.
So there we are, 52 songs in 13 months. So where do I go from here? 2011 will be about albums. tow knee chavez has plans for two albums this year, we’re going to collect all the Bad Felt songs to date into an album, and I’m going to try to finish an albums’ worth of punk covers for the Hitmaker Algorithm. Maybe I’ll put together a “Best of 2010” album for the Nemesis? Maybe I’ll finally put the finishing touches on the Nemesis EP I had planned to release last year? I would like to keep recording Bad Felt songs. Maybe not quite once a month, but at least somewhat regularly. Hopefully I’ll finish at least one song a month to keep updating this blog.