A Song a Week 48: The Nemesis – Cora’s Theme (featuring Cora Borealis)

Since before Cora was born, Ashley has been asking when I was going to write a song for her. I didn’t want to write something just to write something, so I waited until I was inspired to really write something specifically for her. And now I have!
It’s a short song (big surprise) but I still had some fun with the structure. The verses are almost identical, while the choruses vary. Also, the verses are sung while the choruses are spoken word. Last, the choruses are spoken by a three month old Cora.

The Nemesis (featuring Cora Borealis) – Cora’s Theme by thenemesis

Posted: Friday, January 14th, 2011 @ 6:41 pm
Categories: music, the nemesis.
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