A Song a Week 42: The Hitmaker Algorithm – Operator’s Manual (Buzzcocks cover)

Alright, back to The Hitmaker Algorithm. This song was just too perfect for Hitmaker Algorithm to cover, I can really imagine these lyrics applying to him. This is the first Hitmaker Algorithm song to not be in 4/4 time, and it’s also the one that I had to mess with the structure the most (it would have been over six minutes long if i kept the same numbers of riffs for each section as in the original). Huge thanks to dr. stryker for figuring out the chord progressions for me, since I somehow couldn’t find chords for this song online.

The Hitmaker Algorithm – Operator’s Manual by thenemesis

Posted: Friday, November 12th, 2010 @ 7:01 pm
Categories: covers, music, the hitmaker algorithm.
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